Helena Machová

Helena Machova is a Prague native and she was at the birth of the Apples band. She founded the band with the former basist called ´Petty ´,whom she met at the rock school CTj. She studied piano and percussion instruments at that rock school. 

Name: Helena Machová
Instrument: Drums

Besides music, which accompanies her throughout life, she is also involved in management. She gained her experiences at the UJEP University ( music popularization and music management) and in the music agency ´Best IA ´ of the legendary singer and guitarist Peter Janda, with which she has cooperated to these days.

I ´m a great athlete, I became fun of an electric scooter, which I drive around the parties :-). I love port wine and still water, I prefer red colour and I study communication with animals, which I use mainly in the band :-)

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