The Apples-girls rock  

 The career of a pop-rock girlband The Apples took off in 2001 by winning  a musical competition Děčínská kotva  with their perfomance of Petr Janda´s song  Tak řekni.  It also succeeded twice in a popular TV show Rozjezdy pro hvězdy (1999).  The Apples girls launched themselves as household names when they performed as a warm-up of the legendary band Olympic.  This phenomenal step forward  was followed by many appearances in TV shows like Abeceda hvězd V. Hrona,  Dobročinná akademie aneb Paraple, Snídaně s Novou, Dobroty...  The very highlight of the first era of their career was a huge tour in the USA in 2006.

Girls started out as a sixties and seventies  covers-playing band.  Influenced by The Beatles and the era of rock and roll, they have  tried to achieve the most authentic interpretation of well-known songs.  However, they´ve always aimed to enrich the songs in their own way and add elements of both strenght and femininity. The main focus is still an immaculate vocal part and  true musical  perfectionism, as well as stylish and quirky  costumes.   Over the time, they managed to go further and include songs from other music eras to their repertoir – they started to play evergreens by ZZ Top, AC & DC, Deep Purple, Guns´n´Roses etc..

It really influenced the further development of The Apples and raised their interest in hard rock music.  The Apples achieved to perform over one hundred concerts a year, which is very spectacular and rare compared to Czech rock bands´ standarts. The range of shows varies from private company parties, open air events and festivals to big  tours abroad, mainly in Italy, Austria, Poland, Germany, Slovakia and the USA. 

In 2010  The Apples released an album  Hold me/Drž mě.  Most of the songs were written by a German producer Udo von Gelden, alongside two songs by Petr Slabý and two covers of a German band Juli. 

The album was recorded in Berlin,  in a studio of Bernd Goessling, a former member of Aphaville.  It brings fresh air of upbeat pop-rock songs, the sound of electric guitar complimenting vocal parts.  The album presents a new side of The Apples and it undoubtedly shows girls´ desire to go further from the image of a revival band and walk in their own musical shoes..

In April 2012 The Apples performed as a warm up of Chris Norman (ex member of Smokie) in his Czech tour. 

In 2012 girls participated Tv show CZ/SK got Talent. They advanced to semi-final but because of not favourable terms in contract they could not continue to the grand finale.

2012 – 2019  The Apples perform a numerous of concerts in Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy and other coutries.