Elén began to sing as a baby. Her mom thinks, she started singing prior to speaking. For Sunday lunch, she used to listen Jethro Tull and Sepultura. This is probably where her passion for rock music comes from. "When it doesn't sound loud, I don't listen to it", she says. 

Name: Elén Berešová
Instrument: Vocals

Born in Ustí nad Labem, she started singing as a child. She got her education in music from music school, conservatory and college. She sang in a various bands and she hopes to sing in some more. Currently she is a member of George Band, Joybox and the best girls in the world - The Apples. She also made some own music in the band Igloochicks and The Spankers. Elén loves festivals and nature. 

Her favorite bands are Skunk Annie, Incubus, The Temper Trap and many more. 

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